April 23, 2015

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Who says you can't go home again? Throughout six post-series reunion movies, the Walton home still stands, "generous in its love, filled with memories, and always ready to welcome us." From the first gathering of the far-flung mountain clan in A Wedding on Walton's Mountain(1982) to the final goodnights in A Walton Easter (1997), these uplifting and heartwarming films are quality time spent with one of America's favorite TV families. Each film amounts to a Very Special Episode of the top-rated, Emmy-winning TV series, rich with family milestones (weddings and births), and crises that will test and reaffirm the family credos of hard work, common sense, and faith. Most of the original cast is back. The late Will Geer, as Grandpa Walton, is sadly absent, and Ellen Corby, who suffered a stroke in 1977, plays a diminished role as Grandma Walton. The character of John-Boy, the aspiring writer whose reminiscences of life on Walton's Mountain were the heart of the series, is absent in the first two films and is portrayed by Richard Wrightman in A Day for Thanks on Walton's Mountain. Richard Thomas, who won an Emmy for his iconic role, and makes a welcome return in A Walton Thanksgiving Reunion (1993), which jumps ahead nearly two decades to 1963. Suffice to say, different worlds, as witness the charming scene in A Walton Wedding (1995) in which the wedding party sings "Bicycle Built for Two" while seeing off John-Boy and his bride. There is a circle-of-life satisfaction to the final film in the set, A Walton Easter, in which John (Ralph Waite) and Olivia (the ageless Michael Learned) celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary, and John-Boy contemplates returning to Walton's Mountain for good. "There's so much more out there beyond Walton's Mountain," a no-good former boyfriend cajoles the now-betrothed Erin in A Wedding on Walton's Mountain. But as these six films, celebrations of home and hearth brimming with life and unconditional love, remind us, why would you ever want to leave?
The Walton Children - All Grown Up!

Here is a really nice film clip of the Walton children showing shots when they were young and then as adults.

 Click on the youtube link below to enjoy:


March 22, 2015

            Walton's Mountain Museum

Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Schuyler, Virginia (pronounced Skyler).

The building pictured here served as Schuyler's school from 1924 until 1991 and now is used as the community center and home of the Walton's Mountain Museum.

The museum greets 90,000 guests a year from all 50 states and 20 foreign countries!

Earl Hamner, creator of "The Waltons" grew up in the home across the street.

Museum Contact Information:
Address: 6484 Rockfish River Road Schuyler, VA 22969 Phone: (434) 831-2000
 E-mail: waltonmt@cstone.net

December 24, 2014

The Best Christmas - Season 5

The Best Christmas 

Season 5 Episode 12 finds the Waltons celebrating Christmas.  The children have gotten older and have developed interests outside the home.  Mama worries that this may be the last Christmas the whole family celebrates together.

Enjoy these beautiful pictures of the family singing Christmas carols together.

December 23, 2014

The Two Olivias

Which Actress that Portrayed Olivia Walton

Did you Like Best?

Patricia Neal played the part of Olivia Walton (Mama) in the pilot for the series. Michael Learned assumed the role for the first show of the series and continued it for all 9 seasons.  Some have said that they are similar in appearance and mannerisms.  However, Patricia played a much sterner Mama and did not have the same warm personality as portrayed by Michael Learned.  The first Olivia also seemed to be older than the second.

You be the judge.  Which one was your favorite?

                      Patricia Neal                           Michael Learned

December 19, 2014

On December 19, 1971, exactly 43 years ago today, the debut of The Homecoming - A Christmas Story appeared on CBS television.  It would prove to be the pilot show for a new series, The Waltons.

Although it presented the same values and family relationships that we all came to know through the years of the series, it was different in many respects.  The most obvious were the actors.  Of the adult performers, only Grandma (Ellen Corby) and John-Boy (Richard Thomas) were portrayed by the regular series stars. However, all of the child actors in the pilot continued to perform in the series.

The other adult roles were:

          Olivia Walton (Mama) - Patricia Neal
          John Walton (Daddy) - Andrew Duggan
          Grandpa Walton - Edgar Bergen

The story takes place on Christmas Eve, 1933.  The local mill has closed which causes John Walton to work out of the area and only return home to the family on weekends.  His homecoming on Christmas Eve is much delayed and news of a terrible bus accident has the family very worried.

In addition to her concern about her husband's safety, Olivia is sad there will be no gifts for the children and no special food for a Christmas dinner.  John-Boy ventures out in the bitter winter temperatures and snow to find Daddy and bring him home to the family.  The story follows his difficulties in his search and the help he gets from the people he meets along the way.

This pilot show sets the stage for the series to follow.  Much is revealed about the characters, including John-Boys secret desire to become a writer.

The Homecoming - A Christmas Story is a heartwarming story that would be enjoyed by any true Walton's fan or anyone wanting to get a little Christmas spirit during the holiday season.

Olivia Walton (Patricia Neal) and a very young Mary Ellen (Judy Norton Taylor) admiring a real bird's nest for the Christmas tree.

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   Cast of The Homecoming - A Christmas Story

October 1, 2012

Walton's Reunion 40th Reunion Party

A reunion to celebrate "The Waltons" tv show 40th reunion was held last Saturday in Los Angeles.  The event was organized by Kami Cotler, the actress who played the youngest Walton daughter, Elizabeth.  Kami is now a school principal at Environmental Charter Middle School in Inglewood, California and the event was a fundraiser for her school.

Michael Learned (mother Olivia Walton) and Robert Thomas (oldest son John-Boy) were unable to attend as they are both appearing in stage shows.

Ralph Waite (father John Walton) was there with all of his other TV children.  Earl Hamner, Jr., creator of the show, was also at the reunion.

Mr. Hamner said at the reunion, "The series succeeded because the climate was right then.  There was a yearning for stability and unity."

The show has been off the air for 31 years but still has a very large following of people that watched it back then as well as younger people that are seeing it now in syndication for the first time.

Kami Cotler (Elizabeth Walton)
at the 40th Reunion - Sept. 29, 2012